Hannah Steele

Ph.D. Student
Geography & Geospatial Science
College of Earth, Ocean, & Atmospheric Sciences
Oregon State University

Email: steeleha _at_ oregonstate _dot_ edu


Hello! I’m a PhD student with a B.S. in Geographic Information Sciences from Ohio University and a Masters in Geography from Oregon State University. Previously I have worked on projects involving analyzing snow persistence using remote sensing data and combining physical models with machine learning methods such as neural networks for snow characteristic estimation. My most recent research interests focus on exploring the intersection of lived experiences and scientific measurements to better understand how landscapes and water resources change over time. I enjoy learning about the interconnections between natural systems and human processes and strive to use my knowledge and skills to promote balanced land and water management. Beyond my academic work I spend time exploring the PNW with my friends and creating art in a variety of mediums such as ceramics, stained glass, and painting.

Research Interests

snow hydrology, mountain hydrology, remote sensing, geospatial analysis, machine learning, climate change, water resources management