• January 5 (aired January 8): CBC (Kelowna, BC, Canada) interview on the slow start to the 2023-2024 winter and snow drought, listen to it here (starting at 1:19:00 to 1:25:45)
  • January 21: Bareera interviewed with The News Sunday on climate and water issues in Pakistan, “Climate Emergency” read it here



  • December 5: Anna Jensen successfully defends her MS thesis!
  • September 6: Hannah Steele successfully defends her MS thesis!
  • June 1: KEZI (Eugene, OR) interview “Water supply issues possible despite high snowpack, expert warns”, read it here
  • May: CEOAS Strata interview “Watching the Trees”, read it here
  • May 5: BBC Radio interview about tree sway and canopy snow on “The World Tonight” program, listen to it here (starting at 40:39).
  • May 5: The Guardian “Colorado conifers given ‘Fitbits’ to measure snow cover”, read it here
  • May 2: Wired Article “Give Fitbits (of Sorts) to the Trees”, read it here
  • April 15: AGU EoS Spotlight Article “Trees Wearing Accelerometers Help Track Snowstorms”, read it here
  • March 29: Ameriflux article “Note from the Flux site: Winter at Niwot Ridge”, read it here
  • March 15: Utah State Today article “Snowbound: Big Trees Boost Water in Forests by Protecting Snowpack”, read it here